“I recently visited Chicago Physical Therapy for my post knee surgery. I expected to have pain and limited mobility for an extended amount of time. Thanks to the doctors here I am feeling back to my old self just after a few weeks. – Jim M.”

“I am an avid believer in Spinal Decompression Therapy now. I have played sports for a number of years and always endured such back pain, knee pain and overall discomfort. Dr. Kauf started treating me through decompression and it has worked wonders on my recovery and how I feel day to day. – Mark M. “

“As an athlete for many years, I have suffered wrist injuries, knee injuries, back injuries – you name it. I am so glad that Chicago Physical Medicine is an option for me. – Tim P.”

“Thanks to Chicago Physical Therapy for bringing the K Laser into my life. The K Laser has efficiently treated some tissue swelling and muscle inflammation I have been experiencing for a months now since an accident I was in. This has been life changing for me and I would recommended to anyone. – Jill S.”